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80 Final Year Students Storm Out of School in Kenya, Complain about Principal’s Heavy-handedness

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A group of final-year students has stormed out of their secondary school in eastern Kenya on Wednesday night, saying they were tired of studying.

It was reported on Thursday November 26, 2020, that some 80 students left the Matungulu Boys Secondary School compound, leaving only 36 behind.

While commenting about the students’ attitudes, the school principal said the students had discipline issues that were being dealt with.

Some of the students complained that the principal was too strict and they were tired of studying.

They said they would prefer to come back just to sit for final examinations scheduled for next year.

The principal said “Parents had been informed and asked to bring back the students.”

Schools reopened in October for final-year students after being closed because of coronavirus, while other classes will resume in January.

The ministry of education advised administrators to minimise interaction between students in boarding schools and people outside to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Some schools have reported coronavirus cases since reopening.

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