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A Closer Look at CRM Software

crm software
By Abdulafeez Olaitan, UNILAG

The main aim of a business is to make profit. This can be done by seeking ways of attracting potential customers. This process has evolved so much on a much larger scale that it becomes so overwhelming to manage a lot of customers.

This skyrocketed increment in consumers could be as a result of digital outreach where customers are likely to be received from around the globe. Therefore, the need to find suitable methods to manage customer relations has been on the increase.

Customer relation refers to keeping track of everything that is related to customers. To do so, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can be of great help.

What does a CRM software do?

The super power of CRM software is such that according to a study, “79% of business owners who use CRM software experience a drastic increase in revenue in just a year.” Kevin Price reported. Basically, what a CRM system does is to easily help to manage customer queries, keep track of orders and all the information about customers. A CRM system typically stores customers’ data such as contact information, products or service they purchase or how often a customer makes a purchase. A system that keeps track of potential customers, find new ones, get data on the ones who purchased in the past and use all these information to keep old clients and get new ones.


Benefits of CRM software

CRM software function to aid in increasing business sales. These software can automate sales, make customer and business interaction easier and access customer data easily.

In brief, following are 3 benefits of CRM software:

1. Easy Communication

Business analysts acknowledge this to be the most important benefit of a CRM software as they keep all the customer data available in a single place which helps to contact previous customers or target them for promotional purposes.

2. Accuracy

To err is human. In recording customer data manually, errors could arise. CRM software are however known for accuracy. They record accurately customer data and in turn help in driving more sales.

3. Automation

CRM software helps save time and energy through set of instructions already given to the system to execute tasks. It can be quite troublesome to manually perform the same task every day but CRM software save from such stress. They help to automate daily routine tasks such as form filling, making and selling daily reports, resolving minor issues etc.

It’s all thanks to CRM software. Today, business representatives do not have to think about small tasks but focus on the big ones such as finalizing deals and resolving customer issues. This results in improved productivity.

To sum up, setting up a CRM system for a business is the modern thing. Instead of allowing handling of sales and customers at the same time become worrisome, rather get a customized CRM software that will suit your business demands.

Conclusively, you might want to check out PCMag’s best CRM software for 2020, in no particular order: HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Zendesk Sell, Freshsales CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional, Less Annoying CRM, Apptivo CRM, Sales Creatio, Insightly CRM, and Pipedrive CRM.

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