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Age is just a number: 69-year-old Nigerian ex-footballer shines as best-graduating fine artist

Graduating from the University of Jos at the age of 69, Duamlong emerged as the top student in his set, achieving a remarkable CGPA of 4.32.
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Ben-Lutnaan Duamlong, a former Nigerian international footballer and one-time coach of the Super Eagles, has graduated at 69 years old as the best student of fine arts from the University of Jos.

Having spent his childhood and adolescence immersed in football, winning accolades, honors, and fame, Duamlong made a bold decision to return to the classroom, not as a teacher but as a student.

Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, he pursued his passion for the arts. Graduating from the University of Jos at the age of 69, Duamlong emerged as the top student in his set, achieving a remarkable CGPA of 4.32.

Art had always held a special place in Duamlong’s heart. He believed that football and art were two sides of the same coin, with football representing performing arts and painting embodying abstract arts. For him, art was life itself. Reflecting on his journey, Duamlong shared, “I have always loved the arts. Art to me is everything.”

Initially, Duamlong had intended to study philosophy. However, his deep-rooted passion for the arts led him to reconsider. Recounting his earlier attempts at art, he revealed, “As a kid, I used to draw, but I had never painted. So, I decided to try my hand at it.” Although his initial paintings fell short of his expectations, Duamlong persevered, gradually honing his skills until he reached a level of proficiency that amazed even himself.

His first solo exhibition, titled “SWITCH,” received a warm reception, despite the relatively low awareness of art in his region. Encouraged by the positive feedback, Duamlong planned to hold another exhibition in the near future, eager to showcase his growth as an artist.

Retiring as the coach of Kaduna United Football Club in 2016, Duamlong seized the opportunity to pursue his passion for art at UNIJOS. With no formal background in the arts, apart from a correspondence course he had taken in England, he faced the challenge head-on. Despite being surrounded by students much younger than him, Duamlong disregarded the age difference and immersed himself fully in the learning process. He recounted his rigorous schedule, waking up early to beat the traffic and spending long hours in the studio, painting even on weekends to make up for lost time.

Many students shy away from Fine and Applied Arts due to its complexities and intricate nature, but Duamlong remained steadfast in his determination to make it his major. To him, art represented a profound abstraction of life, offering multiple perspectives and interpretations. Through his art, he aimed to condense stories and convey meaning in unique and thought-provoking ways.

Achieving academic success at an older age is no easy feat. The distractions and responsibilities that accompany life can easily derail one’s focus. However, Duamlong overcame these challenges, demonstrating remarkable discipline and commitment. His exceptional results did not come as a surprise to those who had witnessed his dedication and hard work throughout his time at UNIJOS.

Looking to the future, Duamlong aspires to inspire both older individuals who believe that age is a barrier to learning and the younger generation. He firmly believes that anyone willing to push themselves, remain committed, and go the extra mile can achieve their goals. Before becoming an artist, Duamlong had a successful career as a football player and coach. His journey in football began on the streets before he even entered primary school.

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