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Political Correctness

Mike tells Sarah how liberal magazines turned a “kids these days” moral panic into a national crisis. Digressions include Law & Order, Dave Foley and swimming pool etiquette. This episode contains detailed descriptions of sexual assault, mass shootings and suicide.

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John Wilson’s The Myth of Political CorrectnessJon Weiner’s Historians in TroubleNeil Gross’s Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?Political Correctness: How The Right Invented A Phantom EnemyThe Fraying Of AmericaThe Rising Hegemony of the Politically CorrectAre You Telling Me That I’m Politically Correct?Are You Politically Correct?The Rising Hegemony of the Politically CorrectThere Is No Campus Free Speech Crisis: A Close Look at the EvidenceSupport the show

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