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Amangwu development union announces 2023 scholarship winners

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The Amangwu Development Union, through its Scholarship Programme Committee, has unveiled the recipients of the prestigious Amangwu Tertiary and Secondary School Scholarships for the year 2023.

This announcement was made in a joint statement signed by key figures, including Sunday Chibuzo Okereke, chairman of Amangwu Scholarship Youth Empowerment and Employment Programme (SYEEP); Ibekwe Ikenna Victor, Secretary of Amangwu-SYEEP; and Mazi Kanu Basil Iroegbu, President General of the union.

According to the statement, a total of 11 outstanding Amangwu students, comprising four males and seven females, have been selected to receive the university-level scholarships, while an impressive 35 students, consisting of fifteen males and twenty females, will be awarded the secondary school-levell scholarship.

The statement also highlighted the benevolent contributions of key sponsors responsible for these educational opportunities.

The statement said, “UgwuAro, is sponsoring two university students and twenty secondary school students, Mazi Frederick Eze Foundation is generously supporting five university students and fifteen secondary school students, and Mazi David Ukachukwu Eze is making it possible for four university students to pursue their dreams.”

The committee expressed heartfelt gratitude towards these pioneer donors for their belief in the vision of empowering Amangwu youth through access to both basic and higher education.

They extended their appreciation to Mazi Kanu Basil Iroegbu, the President General of ADU, for his exemplary leadership and guidance, as well as the support from the ADU Women Wing and the Youth.

In selecting the scholarship recipients, the Amangwu-SYEEP Committee undertook a rigorous process that included numerous meetings and a highly professional screening exercise.

Various sub committees, led by distinguished men and women, collaborated to ensure the success of this initiative.

The committee expressed its profound gratitude to these sub-committees for their dedicated efforts in promoting the development of Amangwu.

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