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APC Condemns Dwindling Standard of Education in Oyo, Unveils Plan to Rescue Sector

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has has condemned the dwindling standard of education in Oyo State.

While describing the education standard in the state as unacceptable, the Oyo State APC, therefore unveiled a plan to rescue the sector.

The governorship candidate of the party, Senator Teslim Folarin, disclosed in his manifesto an effective plan to revamp the sector, stressing the need for the state to regain its pride of place in the sector.

Folarin stated his achievement in the education sector as a lawmaker.

He promised to convoke education summit with the assemblage of reputable citizens with landmark achievement in the sector.

According to him, education will remain one of the pivot stand upon which my administration will stand, if voted as the next executive governor of Oyo state on 11 March 2023.

“The state education sector is in a shambles and non-functional with unimpressive low students enrollment, poor provision of infrastructure, ineffective quality assurance process and low national rating,” he said.

He added that “Education is a powerful tool for the advancement of any society and the most potent weapon to fight poverty.

“Our administration shall reposition the sector and ensure deployment of Education Reformation Strategy (ERS).

“There will be convocation of Education Summit, Provision of adequate training and motivation for teachers and infrastructural development of schools at all levels.

“Also, the ICT will be a bedrock of the educational sector with the creation of quality Assurance Agency for better academic performance.

“Also included in the manifesto is the repositioning of State-owned tertiary institutions as global centres of academic excellence through massive infrastructural development, third-party resource mobilisation and international collaborations.”

He stated further that the APC administration will create an enabling environment for effective teaching and learning, as well Provide bursary and scholarships.

Folarin also assured the people of regular payment of subvention/grants to public schools and eradication of consultancy policy in tertiary education.

The party noted that the APC gubernatorial candidate as a lawmaker facilitated among others 88 fully furnished classrooms, 17 state-of-the-art ICT centres across Oyo Central Senatorial Districts and University of Ibadan.

His achievement also include, construction of Blocks of classrooms at St John Anglican primary school at Apatere, Origi primary school, Surulere LGA and Olubode primary school, Olubode in Ona Ara LGA.

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