Babcock University Graduates 159 with PhDs

A total of 159 persons with PhDs have graduated across various disciplines during the 20th undergraduate and 11th postgraduate convocation ceremony of Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

It is the highest number of PhD graduates produced by the institution in its 23 years of existence.

The university’s Vice-Chancellor, Ademola Tayo, in his address, noted that 2,077 undergraduates would receive their diplomas and degrees while 471 would graduate from postgraduate school, making a total of 2,548.

He added that the university is recording the highest number of postgraduate graduates, with 159 PhDs.

The vice-chancellor noted that the PhDs include two senior advocates of Nigeria, a brigadier general serving in the army, members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Taxation and the council of Institute of administrators.

He urged the students to present themselves “to the world at large as precious individuals testing to rule the world and bring about positive change in this unpredictable and conflict-led world.”

Speaking further, the vice chancellor acknowledged that the convocation came slightly behind the regular academic calendar put in place in 1999.

He said it was already a culture at the university to hold the convocation ceremony every first Sunday of June.

He attributed the “series of daunting challenges” to the COVID-19 pandemic and a long period of lockdown, which he noted then inspired the establishment of virtual learning systems.

“The Babcock University pioneered virtual learning and virtual examination in Nigeria to overcome excessive academic disruption and the danger of keeping abled dynamic and restless young men and women idle at home,” he said.

He also assured that the normal calendar will be re-stabilised in the 2023 academic session.

“I wish to say that Babcock University belongs to a network of over 118 universities and colleges in all the continents of the world. And we benchmark our programme with Best global practices,” he added.

He added that Babcock university is the second private university to be approved to run the Centre for open and distant learning.

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