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Bridge Nigeria Community School Pupils Receive Scholarship


Bridge Nigeria Community School Pupils Receives Scholarship

The Parents of Bridge Nigeria community schools’ pupils who are beneficiaries of the Fadahunsi Education Foundation and Oghogho Osula scholarships have commended Bridge and their partners for supporting children’s access to life-changing education.

Bridge Nigeria is known for its partnership with private bodies and non-governmental organisations that have the mission of improving access to quality education, providing educational infrastructure to improve the learning experience and outcomes. Also, establishment of scholarship schemes for outstanding children in the most economically vulnerable communities.

Some of these partners are Fadahunsi Education Foundation, Umu Igbo Unite, Oghogho Osula, Covenant Light and Yemisi Akinbo.

The Fadahunsi Education Foundation (FEF) scholarship programme is an initiative that enhances and supports access to quality education for families with low-income backgrounds. Sixty-five Bridge pupils were beneficiaries of the FEF scholarship which covers their tuition from primary to the university level.

A mother of a pupil at Bridge Academy Ijegun,  Lagos, Mrs. Folasade Akinsanya, who has been on the FEF scholarship since 2019, said the timely intervention of the scholarship has given her family succour and saved them more resources at this challenging time.

She explained that the inflation and harsh effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses have made it even more difficult to survive and meet needs. Hence, she commended the support from the Bridge and their partners.

“Every day when I think about how the cost of living has gone up and how businesses are struggling because of the pandemic, it makes me appreciate the quality of education at Bridge and FEF scholarship. We are getting so much at little or no fees. My daughter’s education can continue uninterrupted from primary to university,” she said.

On collaborations between the government, private sector and civil society on education, the Managing Director at Bridge Nigeria, Ms. Foyinsola Akinjayeju said a child’s potential should not be limited by the family income, hence, the support for low-income families who have wards in schools.

A parent of a pupil on the Oghogho Osula Scholarship expressed gratitude for the sponsorship. She said the scholarship had lifted a huge burden off her shoulders.

Another Mrs. Modupe Seidu, whose daughter, Pelumi attends a Bridge school in Ikorodu said: “Since I lost my husband some years ago, it has been challenging taking care of my family. However, since my daughter received the scholarship, it has been a relief.”

Mrs. Osula, who decided to sponsor primary school children to enable them to have seamless access to quality education, encouraged parents to ensure that their children were always in school and maintain good grades.

According to her, those are the prerequisites for them to keep benefitting from the sponsorship.

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