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Covenant University calls for African-focused solutions, curriculum reform

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The Chancellor of Covenant University, Bishop David Oyedepo, has urged African nations to embrace African-focused solutions, reputation management, curriculum review, and infrastructural improvements in the field of education.

This call to action came during the Africa Forum 2023 conference, held at the CUCRID Centre of Covenant University on Monday.

The conference, titled ‘Education Africa 2030 and Beyond – Sustainability and Social Impact in an African Context,’ saw participants from various African countries and the United Kingdom convene to discuss the future of education on the continent.

Oyedepo, in his opening remarks, emphasised that education in Africa has faced numerous challenges and setbacks.

He asserted that to elevate education to a desirable standard, stakeholders must adopt innovative approaches distinct from historical practices.

He stated, “Africa is where it is today not because it is white or because it is black. I believe finding indigenous solutions is the only way forward for any community of people to go forward, this is because a man is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his life. Education without integration is an adventure in frustration. We are no longer committed to solving problems, we are only interested in position.”

Abiodun Adebayo, the vice-chancellor of Covenant University, emphasised the importance of continuous training and development of human resources within the education sector to ensure inclusiveness and sustainability.

Veronica Omeni, the principal consultant and chairperson from QS Quacquarelli and Symonds, United Kingdom, an organisation responsible for ranking universities globally, stressed the need for reputation management of African values to harness the continent’s human and intellectual capacity.

Consul General of Ghana to Nigeria, Samanta Bukari, highlighted the necessity for African leaders to prioritize education and youth empowerment to address the rising political instability in the region.

Noel Biodun Saliu, Deputy Executive Secretary (Academics) of the National University Commission, Nigeria, called for a comprehensive curriculum reform across African nations to meet global demands.

The Africa Forum 2023 conference provided a platform for critical discussions on the future of education in Africa, with an emphasis on the importance of African-centric solutions, reputation management, and curriculum reform to ensure a sustainable and impactful education sector in the years to come.

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