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Democracy Day: “Our democracy a testament to our collective will and determination” – HRA

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As Nigeria commemorates Democracy Day, Hon. Rasaq Ajala (HRA), Chairman of Odiolowo-Ojuwoye LCDA, extolled the nation’s unwavering commitment to democratic principles, hailing it as a reflection of the collective will and determination of the Nigerian people.

“Today, we celebrate our resilience and the enduring spirit of democracy,” Ajala remarked. “Our democracy is a testament to our collective will and determination.”

He urged citizens to remember the sacrifices made throughout Nigeria’s history, from the colonial era through the first and second republics and the military interventions that followed. Ajala highlighted the pivotal 1993 presidential election, which he described as the fairest and freest in the country’s history. The election saw the late Moshood Olawale Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) emerge victorious, symbolizing a unified national voice transcending religious and tribal lines.

Ajala also praised President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his crucial role in the pro-democracy struggle.

“The present President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was at the forefront of the struggle to actualize the mandate given to Late Bashorun Abiola. He risked his life and committed his hard-earned wealth to the struggle in the face of military tyranny,” Ajala noted.

Expressing confidence in President Tinubu’s leadership, Ajala stated, “I am sure he won’t want those efforts to go in vain. This is the more reason we have to believe in his renewed hope and trust that we are in good hands in the process of nation rebuilding.”

Acknowledging the current economic hardships, Ajala emphasized the President’s commitment to addressing these challenges. “The hardship in the country is obvious, and the president has taken responsibility, believing that it is temporary. For any structure that needs rebuilding, it must start from the foundation.”

He drew a parallel between Tinubu’s past achievements and his current role, saying, “If Asiwaju Tinubu could fix Lagos State some years ago with a solid sustainable template, I am sure he will replicate the same for our beloved country.”

Ajala concluded with a call for unity and perseverance: “Let us be kind, be patient, and do not be weak nor weary, for we will soon get to the promised land. Regardless of the present situation of the economy, we should be thankful for the freedom we have gotten. I am sure we will be out of the woods soon. May this special day bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to everyone.”

This message reflects the enduring hope and commitment of Nigerian leaders and citizens alike to build a prosperous and democratic future.

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