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Denmark woos foreign workers, students on relaxed visa rules

Denmark is suffering labour shortage as a consequence of Covid-19. This has led the Scandinavian nation to amend its Aliens Act with effect from April 1 to allow more foreign workers and students into the 5.86 million people economy.
Danish Prime Minister
Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen; Photo Credit:
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Denmark has made the decision to loosen its regulations for work visas in order to draw in more foreign students, workers, and workers from outside the European Union.

The Danish government has decided to relax its requirements for work visas as a result of a serious labor shortage brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through an amendment to the Danish Aliens Act, the Danish Government has loosened up its laws for work visas. The revisions were approved on March 23 in the Parliament and went into effect for everyone on April 1 of 2023,, an Indian news online news platform reported.

In addition to expanding its work permit fast-track program, Denmark has opted to cut its minimum income standards. Danish businesses would find it simpler to hire people from outside the European Union if this were to happen. Furthermore, additional positions would become available for international employees, making Denmark an attractive destination for anyone looking to relocate overseas.

Denmark has additionally agreed to let international students studying there an extended post-study stay so they can look for employment and begin working.

Copenhagen, capital of Denmark
Copenhagen, capital of Denmark; Photo Credit: Scandification

Danish Work Visa: Important Changes

The required minimum salary has been lowered from 465,000 Danish Kroners ($68, 540.60 or N31, 565 ,002.52 ) per year to 375,000 Danish Kroners ($55, 274.68 or N25, 455, 648.38 ) per year. More people would be able to apply for permits thanks to this.

Instead of 20 employees, the fast track process to hire foreigners has been extended to those with 10 full-time employees.

Extending the post-study stay for international students who have earned their degrees, master’s degrees, et cetera.

Through a new start-up scheme, entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to launch a new business in Denmark or those who wish to grow their enterprise there would be permitted.

Denmark is in need of professionals and skilled workers in the information technology, finance, healthcare, engineering, teaching, and science fields, as well as for associate and clerk positions in the fields of science, engineering, business, administration, bookkeeping, and social care, due to a lack of qualified workers in the country.

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