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Edugist launches network for education voices in Africa

The Education Voice Network seeks to bring voices together to amplify the education conversation with a mission of changing the narrative in Africa.
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Edugist, Africa’s education newsroom has launched a network to amplify voices of stakeholders volunteering solutions to the problems facing the education sector in Africa.

The network which comprises educators, academics, parents, students, professionals and policy-makers who want to see the transformation of education in Africa. Edugist is providing a platform to make this happen.

Speaking on the launch, Edugist Chief Executive Officer, said “We are excited to launch this network of leading education voices. We believe this is part of our commitment and contribution to humanity. We want to leave a legacy for future generations.

“This launch of a network of leading education voices in Africa is happening at a time when there is a growing unease about the numerous problems in the education sector.

“Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, represents many of these problems but also the desire of people concerned about them to have a platform committed to amplifying their voices and offering solutions”.

Speaking further, he said “Education in Nigeria, for instance, suffers from several challenges, including poor funding, inadequate classrooms, and teaching aids, a scarcity of quality teachers, and a poor learning environment. This network of voices will provide a path to solving these problems”.

Edugist is proud to be the carrier of these voices, messages, and solutions because the company is positioned to become the most prominent voice of education on the continent. The innovative newsroom invites everyone who has the desire to contribute to this movement for educational transformation to join the network.

Africa’s first education newsroom, Edugist rides on its deep understanding of education policy, pedagogy and the science of learning to provide contextualised data and insights that enable players in the education and development sectors attain their goals. Click here to apply. 

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