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FG to establish formal negotiation team amidst rising school fees concerns

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In response to the growing concerns over skyrocketing school fees in educational institutions nationwide, the federal government has announced its intention to establish a formal negotiation team that will engage the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and other relevant stakeholders.

The decision was unveiled by Yusuf Sununu, the minister of state for education, during a news conference held to mark the international day to protect education from attack in Abuja.

Sununu highlighted the crucial link between rising school fees and the recent wave of attacks on educational facilities across the country.

He stressed the urgent need to address this issue comprehensively in order to prevent further attacks and ensure the safety of students and educators.

Citing constitutional provisions, Sununu explained, “The constitutional provisions expressly state that education should be free but with a caveat ‘when government can afford.’ This is why voluntary contributions from all stakeholders, including parents through the PTA, play a vital role in sustaining the education system.”

Emphasising the collective responsibility for school safety, the minister stated, “Safety in schools is a shared responsibility. We are going to encourage formal negotiations between the government, PTA, and relevant institutions to arrive at terms that are acceptable to all parties involved.”

He also highlighted the importance of fostering partnerships as a means to promote peace within the educational sector.

“Regardless of our agreements or disagreements, we must acknowledge the critical role that PTAs play in supporting our schools, both at the local and federal levels,” Sununu added.

The minister also outlined the government’s commitment to optimising available resources and plugging financial leakages within the education system.

“We are actively working to allocate more funds to schools while ensuring that the quality of education remains high and accessible to all Nigerians,” he affirmed.

As the federal government takes this proactive step towards resolving the issue of rising school fees, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the forthcoming negotiations and their potential to bring about positive changes in the Nigerian education landscape.

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