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Former Archbishop Donates N25m Water Plant to Augustine University

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Former Archbishop Donates N25m Water Plant to Augustine University

Former Archbishop of Lagos Diocese, Catholic Church, Cardinal Anthony Okogie, has donated a N25m water plant to the Augustine University, Ilara Epe, Lagos State.

While speaking at the commissioning of the water plant, the archbishop appreciated those who assisted him to donate the water plant and other commendable development in the institution.

Okogie expressed that the water plant was built to provide drinkable water with state of the art facilities to the university.

“Taking a leap from the English proverb that, ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ the institution took the step to proffer a permanent solution to water problem on the campus. It was the need of a regular water supply that led us to a water plant.

“It, therefore, becomes expedient to source for a means of potable water because it is a basic necessity of life,” Okogie said.

The chairman, Board of Trustee of the institution, Sir Steve Omojafor, noted that the decision to build the water plant came after watching students of the campus go through stress to get drinking water.

Omojafor informed that the idea started from the school governing council, where Okogie offered to sponsor the project.

The proprietor of the institution and Metropolitan Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Martins, noted that one of the visions of the Cardinal was to ensure that students had access to clean water.

In his words, “Water is essential but can’t be useful if it is not treated. This is just like how Elijah in the Bible purifies water before it could be useful. In Augustine University, we don’t only have purified water but also sanctified water.”

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