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Foundation commits to quality education

The Special Foundation is a privately funded non-governmental organisation that proudly serves as a symbol of commitment to nurturing Africa’s future leaders and catalysing transformative change through education.
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The Special Foundation (TSF) has restated its commitment to chart innovative and sustainable approaches for the upliftment of the educational standards for underprivileged children living in low-income communities.

The foundation made this known at its annual summit held at the weekend in Lagos.

This year’s transforming education summit themed ‘Enhancing Access and Quality Education in Africa’ gathered visionaries, partners, corporate leaders, and esteemed diplomatic representatives, converging to effect meaningful change in the realm of education.

The event transcended the realm of the ordinary, evolving into a dynamic and empowering congregation characterised by thought-provoking dialogues, impactful collaborations, and impassioned advocacy.

Notable highlights of the summit encompassed insightful discussions led by distinguished dignitaries in attendance, including CEO of Sterling Bank, Mr Abubakar Suleiman; CEO of Unity Bank, Mrs. Oluwatomi Somefun; Board chairman at African Philanthropy Forum, Gbenga Oyebode; founding partner at Banwo & Ighodalo, Asue Ighodalo; among others.

CEO of Sterling Bank, Mr. Abubakar Suleiman articulated the role of the private sector, emphasising its responsibility to improve the lives of underprivileged children.

He stated that, “in societies where children reside in impoverished conditions, we, the privileged elite, are responsible for eradicating their suffering. It is not an act of benevolence but a solemn obligation.”

According to him, “a significant issue within the corporate sector is the pursuit of success at the expense of society. Some corporate actions inadvertently contribute to the creation of impoverished communities. Then, after achieving success, they attempt to ameliorate the problems they have indirectly caused.

“This approach raises concerns, and I believe that corporations must build their enterprises responsibly, avoiding the creation of slums and societal impoverishment.”

CEO of Unity Bank, Mrs. Oluwatomi Somefun emphasised the power of collaboration for the greater good, stating, “individual efforts can be limiting, as we often find ourselves overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges. Collaborations offer the advantage of diffusing emotional burdens, leading to more informed and intelligent decision-making. Together, we can achieve much more.”

Also, founder of The Special Foundation, Mr. Seyi Akinwale conveyed the foundation’s core mission, saying, “founded several years ago, The Special Foundation’s mission is to transform Africa’s future leaders by tackling the educational crisis in our society through increased access to education.

“What’s truly rewarding is our journey from a single child nine years ago to now impacting over fifteen thousand children and continuing to educate more than four hundred children . This success is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the institutions and individuals here today.”

The event is poised to redefine the trajectory of education and leadership, as we build a formidable platform that can confront societal challenges, proper solitaires and uphold the aspirations enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

The Special Foundation is a privately funded non-governmental organisation that proudly serves as a symbol of commitment to nurturing Africa’s future leaders and catalysing transformative change through education.

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