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Gen Zers prioritise survival over Val’s Day celebration as cash crunch deepens

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Gen Zers have put survival ahead of fanfares that accompany Valentine’s Day celebration as Nigeria’s naira redesign induced cash shortage worsens. Gen Zers are people born between 1997 and 2012. Some Gen Zers have described this as the worst financial crisis they have witnessed.

The coming elections and the need to travel home from school are making the situation even more difficult. Young people are indeed hard hit.

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Edugist spoke to young folks on their coping mechanisms.

What has been your experience in the few days leading to this year’s Valentine’s day?

Tolani, 21

Omo, I have seen the worst shege of my life. I don’t even realise it’s Val’s day. I never thought the day would come when I would struggle to have as little as 500 naira in my pocket for about a week. Thank God, I live on a university campus, it’s been cashless transactions saving my life. My friends off-campus have seen pepper.


Ade, 19

My experience has been so dreadful. I am afraid, especially due to the forthcoming election and the ongoing cash drought. How am I supposed to travel home where I have registered to vote when drivers would not accept cashless transactions? And point of sales (POS) people charge exorbitant transaction rates. Valentine’s day is at the bottom-most part of my priority list right now.

Emma, 23

Hmmm, hmmm. (Another deep deep sigh). Well, look at my eyeballs and you have your answer. Oju mi bloody, my eyes don red. The city is no fun, pressure ti wa.

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Aliyah, 22

Na who get man dey celebrate Val. As I dey laidis, I just wan japa from this country cos everything don taya me, aswear.


Florence, 18

Last year’s Valentine’s season, I received a pre-Val gift, a Val gift and a post-Val gift. This Val season, everything is just dry. It has been shege pro max and government policies are not helping matters.

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