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Gov Kefas draws correlation between insecurity, illiteracy

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Taraba State Governor, Agbu Kefas, has drawn a direct correlation between the pervasive issue of insecurity in Nigeria and the alarming deficiency in quality education.

Governor Kefas conveyed this significant viewpoint during a formal visit to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (tetFund) management in Abuja on Friday.

Issuing a press statement on behalf of the governor, Yusuf Sanda, Chief Press Secretary, and Emmanuel Bello, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Digital Communication, outlined the essence of Governor Kefas’s perspective.

The governor emphasised that the prevailing dearth of quality education and the prevailing state of illiteracy have inadvertently contributed to the escalating involvement of young individuals in criminal undertakings.

This disturbing trend, he noted, has subsequently impeded the nation’s overall progress and development, thereby contributing to the growing challenges of insecurity.

Governor Kefas, while sharing his insight, underscored that a society where quality education is accessible to all would inherently dissuade any inclination towards criminal behavior.

He further emphasised the critical nature of collaborating with tetFund to bolster the educational landscape in Taraba State.

He said, “I believe that partnership with tetFund is necessary to have quality education in Taraba state. Lack of quality Education is behind the daily increase of insecurity in Nigeria.”

In an effort to address this pressing concern, Kefas articulated his vision for expanding educational infrastructure within the state.

He advocated for the establishment of additional entrepreneurship centers designed to equip youths with diverse skills.

He also urged the creation of E-libraries and Computer-based test centers, aiming to provide adequate support to students preparing for exams such as JAMB and other educational assessments.

Governor Kefas’s commitment to education was further illuminated as he recounted his initiatives to promote educational accessibility.

He highlighted the implementation of free Basic education and the reduction of fees at select tertiary institutions in the state.

Stressing his dedication to these efforts, he assured, “I want to assure you that any project tetFund will undertake in Taraba will be supervised by me.”

In response, the Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (tetFund), Sonny Echono, acknowledged the significance of Governor Kefas’s concerns.

Echono affirmed that the governor’s requests would be given utmost priority, recognising the importance of collaborating with Taraba State to elevate academic standards.

Echono highlighted tetFund’s ongoing commitment to tangible projects and personnel training within certain tertiary institutions in the state, reinforcing the organisation’s alignment with educational advancement.

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