Holidays are Over!


There is time for every thing and whatever has a beginning surely has an ending. Schools went on break some weeks back and now they have resumed back for academic activities. Although, it was a very short holiday, students spent time with their families.

Holidays are recharging time for school children but have in recent times become just like other breaks. A student should return back to school better and motivated, and not having to dread resumption. Students should be well relaxed, refreshed as a result of the holiday regardless of the length of the break.

Also, by resumption, they should be equipped for the new term, semester, session as the case may be. I remember when I was in high school and would have finished the syllabus for the next term before resumption. The teacher’s explanation only helps me revise it.

Long story cut short, what does your regular holiday look like? How do you spend your holiday? Do you look forward to holidays and resumption or just holidays? This particular one is over already but another one will come. As a parent, you can make your child look forward to holiday periods. Similarly, as a child, you can make your holiday worthwhile. Try out difficult things you haven’t done. Explore new ideas with your mates living close bye.

Read books and engage more in extra-curricular activities. Go out on trips if you have the means to. If you do not, write out ideas and implementation strategies. For undergrads, apply for internship jobs or volunteer somewhere that resonates with your passion. Acquire soft skills that you won’t learn in school. Network, research things that fascinates you and use your data judiciously.

There is the option of watching movies too. Play games and relax your nerves, not just book and research all the time. Do what works for you but add value!

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