HUAWEI Partners UNILAG on Online Education

By Abdulafeez Olaitan, UNILAG


A Chinese Multinational Technology Company, Huawei Technologies Co., Nigeria Limited, has offered to partner with the University of Lagos on the delivery of online education.


Delegates of the company paid a courtesy call to the Vice-Chancellor on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.


The delegates were led by Deputy Managing Director, Enterprise Business Group Nigeria, Mr Ken Zhao Wenjun.


Mr. Wenjun commended the efforts of UNILAG management in handling the online education amidst the global pandemic.


According to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, FAS, since January 2021, UNILAG has leveraged online technologies to deliver education services (lectures and examinations) to over 50,000 students.

He expressed happiness at the prosperity of the relationship that exists between the University of Lagos and the People’s Republic of China. This relationship began in 2016 during the tenure of former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rahamon Bello, FAEng.


The VC also disclosed that the University has embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) with robots stationed in some strategic places across the institution.


Abdulafeez Olaitan is the Campus Ambassador for Unilag. He is a writer who served as a delegate of Austria in ECOSOC committee at the 2020 IBMUN conference. Olaitan enjoys collecting quotations and astrophotos.

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