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Introducing our board: Olunifesi Adekunle Suraj

The Board plays a critical role in the task of setting strategy, overseeing our work and governance, and ensuring that we are able to meet the ambitious tasks of changing the education narrative in Africa.
Dr. Olunifesi Adekunle Suraj, Edugist Board Member
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Olunifesi Adekunle Suraj is an accomplished communicator who is honoured to be called to serve on the board of Edugist, an impact newsroom and lab telling the story of education and providing relevant data to advance education and youth development in Africa.

Specialising in new, digital, social media, information communication technology (ICT) and multimedia, Suraj is a thought leader as he leverages on knowledge and intellectual capital management to promote internet neutrality and cyber safety in the last 20 years. He accepts the opportunity to join Edugist’s diverse board and support its work to bring integrity and high standards.

A senior lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos. He is the National Coordinator (Nigerian Chapter), UNESCO University Network on Media and Information Literacy.

Suraj is one of the foremost media and information literacy (MIL) thought leaders with special interest in internet governance, media development and freedom of expression, cyber safety and knowledge management.

He is consultant to many multinational and international organisations. He holds a Master and Doctorate (PhD) Degrees in Information Science and a Postgraduate Diploma Degree in Mass Communication with several publications to his credit.

He believes that developing a critical awareness of the media will promote liberal democracies and open societies while assisting in taming the vices of social media. Additionally, Suraj has contributed significantly to the fields of media and information literacies, particularly in relation to social media, strategic communication, and freedom of expression.

His work on ICT and telecommunications policies places a strong emphasis on broadband infrastructure investment policies as a driver of national development, equitable digital access, and citizen economic empowerment in achieving UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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