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Kwara: 2 students face disciplinary panel over alleged immorality

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Two students of the Kwara State College of Education (COE) Ilorin, have been summoned to face a disciplinary panel following an alleged immoral display during their graduation ceremony.

The incident, which has gained widespread attention, involves Sulyman Tawakaltu and Mohammed AbdulSalam, both students of the Agricultural Department at the institution.

The controversy erupted when a viral image circulated on the internet, capturing Mohammed AbdulSalam allegedly grabbing the two breasts of Sulyman Tawakaltu during the sign-out ceremony for final-year students of the college, which took place just last week.

The management of Kwara State College of Education did not take this incident lightly.

In an internal memo, the institution cited “the display of immoral practice by two students of the institution” as the reason behind their decision to take action. In response, the college has mandated the “Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC)” to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to serve as a deterrent to others who might consider such behavior.

Hajia Habitat Zubair, the school’s public relations officer (PRO), commented on the situation, stating, “The school has commenced an investigation into the matter but has not made any formal pronouncement on it.”

This statement underscores the seriousness with which the institution is approaching the issue, aiming to ensure a fair and just resolution.

This incident has sparked discussions among students, faculty, and the wider community about the boundaries of behavior during graduation ceremonies and the importance of upholding ethical standards.

As the disciplinary proceedings unfold, the fate of the two students remains uncertain, with many watching closely to see how Kwara State College of Education will address this highly publicised case.

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