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Kwara Education Futures: Securing and Investing in the Next Generation

Education in Kwara State faces numerous challenges ranging from insufficient funding, irregular promotion of teachers, inadequate infrastructure, inadequate teaching aids, lack of operational vehicles, unequal distribution of teaching staff and unfavourable learning conditions.

Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

In an effort to address these issues, Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has declared a state of emergency in the education sector – calling on relevant stakeholders to define an agenda and program of interventions to make high quality education available and accessible for all.

The remedy packaged in a conference is themed “Kwara Education Futures: Securing and Investing in the Next Generation”. The event, aimed at engaging public and private sector education leaders, thinkers and relevant stakeholders in Ilorin (the state capital), is billed to take place on the 5th of August, 2021. It seeks to explore thorough interactive sessions, workshops, talks and exhibitions, the future of education as central to the Kwara State government’s agenda for growth and development.

Similarly, in a series of live and digital interactive sessions, the Education Futures Summit will assess state-wide education infrastructure and service delivery challenges, mapping out relevant entry points; from policy areas to community contexts, where the government can direct key actors in public and private sectors to transform the future of education in Kwara State.

The conference is an “Education Futures Summit” because its primary focus is to map paths towards making high quality education available and accessible for everyone in Kwara State. In addition, education is an investment in the future of any society; children to adulthood. The summit name therefore communicates the idea of education as a major key to building the future of Kwara State.

The outcome of the 1-day program of events will be actionable interventions to secure continuous growth in education and by extension growth in children and adulthood, who are Kwara’s future. To participate in the one-day summit, visit KwaraEducationFutures to register to attend and find out more information on the summit.

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