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Lagos partners with Future Africa to organise 2-day curriculum reform workshop

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Lagos State Government has partnered with Future Africa to organise a two-day curriculum reform workshop for teachers in the state.

This was disclosed by the Senior Special Assistant on Education to the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Adetola Salau, on Thursday May 4, 2023.

According to Salau, the workshop, which was held between April 27 and 28, was themed: “Improving digital competencies using STEM skills in students.”

She stated that the curriculum reform workshop was aimed at working with ICT teachers and ministry of education officers across various departments such as the Curriculum Department, Science and Technology Department, the Educational Resource Center and teachers from the six secondary school districts of Lagos State on the relevance of effectively embedding digital skills in the Lagos State scheme of work.

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Participants at the workshop

“This is to ensure that Lagos State students develop digital skills to drive economic prosperity across the state with their boosted earning capacities as stressed by both Mrs Julian Ehimuan; the West African Director for Google and Mr Iyinoluwa Aboyeji ; founder Future Africa (former Co – Founder of Andela) who spoke to the attendees of the workshop.

“They emphasised how an investment in personal growth of digital skills correlated to an increase in earning potential and was an investment in the overall viability of the state in a global market economy,” Salau said.

Present at the Curriculum Reform were State Officials such as Mrs Haastrup; Director of Multilingual Resource Center, Mr Adeboye Deputy Director of Curriculum Department, Mr Aberuagba; Deputy Director of Science and Technology Development, Mr Lawal; Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department, Mrs Akinlade; Director of Education Resource Center Mr Abatan; Director of Curriculum Department.

Thirty teachers from across the six districts and a host of other Ministry of Education officers also attended.

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