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Lagos School Calls for Problem-Solving Curriculum

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The Platform Schools, Ipaja, Lagos, has called stakeholders in the education sector to come up with curriculums that will solve the country’s problems.

The school’s director, Bola Obe, who was recently awarded a Doctor of Arts, (Hon) in Education Management by the St Luis African University, Porto Novo, Republic of Benin, disclosed this in an interview with our correspondent on Thursday.

Obe stated that he would partner with other academics to improve and innovate the academic curriculum.

He said, “Going forward, I will be focusing more on research and innovations, especially in the area of school management and administration. I will also partner with other academics on how to carry out studies on cultural identity in curriculum development. As we all know, in Nigeria, we have our own challenges which are peculiar to us, so there is the need for a collaborative effort to come up with a curriculum that will solve our problems.”

“The Platform brand is now known for exceptional performance in Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education. I will collaborate with various international educational bodies to improve the brand, especially in integrating entrepreneurship programme into our curriculum, running a programme on emotional intelligence, and introducing several innovative ideas.”

Speaking on his honorary doctorate in Education Management, the Director said, “I feel elated and excited that the academia has recognised our excellent achievements in education management.”


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