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Local govt chairman conducts examination to gift selected candidates 250 free GCE forms

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In a decisive effort to extend educational opportunities and foster merit-based advancement, the Chairman Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area (LCDA) has successfully conducted the annual qualifying examination for candidates vying for free General Certificate of Education (GCE) forms.

The examination which was held at Ilupeju Secondary School in the early hours of today, drawing eager students who had congregated as early as 8:00 am.

The examination process was overseen by Princess Akinlude, the education secretary of Mushin Local Government, who orchestrated the logistical aspects of the event.

The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) undertook the pivotal roles of invigilation, supervision, and conference-based evaluation of the candidates’ scripts.Their seasoned expertise added an impartial layer to the proceedings.

Prior to the commencement of the examination, the Chairman of the LCDA, Rasaq Ajala, addressed the candidates stating his commitment to transparency and equitable treatment throughout the assessment and selection process.

Emphasising the NUT’s role in paper marking and score recording, Ajala underscored the involvement of the press, thereby reinforcing the integrity of the process.

He made a resounding declaration that political affiliations or connections would not sway the allocation of benefits within this programme.

In the spirit of meritocracy,Ajala firmly stated, “I want to assure you that the process of this examination will be transparent as the representatives of the Nigerian Union of Teachers will be marking and recording the scores in the glare of the members of the press. You need not know any political office holders or leaders before you can benefit from this programme.”

Ajala shared an ambitious plan to provide two hundred and fifty GCE forms to the highest-achieving candidates.

IMG 20230819 WA0031
The LCDA chairman at the centre

He explained that the incentive aimed to recognise and reward excellence in academic performance within the local government.

Ajala also sternly admonished the candidates against engaging in any form of dishonesty during the examination. With a clear emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of integrity, he cautioned against the use of mobile phones or any illicit notes.

Demonstrating an admirable degree of inclusivity, he extended the opportunity for students who were unable to procure the forms but were in attendance to participate in the examination. This gesture encapsulated the commitment to affording equal access to educational assessment, regardless of one’s financial circumstances.

The Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye LCDA’s administration of the qualifying examination, orchestrated with precision and equity, signifies a noteworthy stride in fostering educational excellence and opportunity within the local community.

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