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Moghalu Sponsors Five Orphanage Children in Anambra

Moghalu Sponsors Five Orphanage Children in Anambra

Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) Chief George Moghalu, has awarded scholarships to five children in different orphanages in Anambra State.

Moghalu announced the scholarship during his visit to the Nigeria Red Cross Society Babies Home and the Onitsha South Motherless Babies Home, both in Onitsha; Tender care Motherless Babies Home and Jesus Kids Motherless Babies Home, both in Awka, as well as Sisters of Charity Motherless Babies Home in Nnewi.

According to him, the scholarship, especially to little Miss Mmesomachukwu, followed her brilliant, charismatic and leadership skills as she led other children in prayer over the gifts they received.

Also presenting food stuffs, cash and other items worth thousands of naira to the homes, Moghalu, described orphans as important members of the society who deserved adequate love and care.

“The scholarships are borne out of my quest and love for education and acquisition of skills for the younger children.

“If we look at what is happening in our society at the moment, I believe children can have a better deal irrespective of their situation in life whether orphans or not,” he noted.

Excited about the news, Directors of the Homes prayed for God’s blessings and protection on the benefactor, and promised judicious utilisation of the funds and items.

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