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NANS calls for reduction in school fees amid subsidy removal

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has demanded a reduction in school fees across tertiary institutions in the country to cushion the effects of fuel subsidy removal on students.
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The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has demanded a reduction in school fees across tertiary institutions in the country to cushion the effects of fuel subsidy removal on students.

Its coordinator, North Central Zone, Shedrack Anzaku, said this in Abuja on Thursday while speaking with newsmen at the official declaration of Deniran Rioborue as an aspirant for NANS national president.

Anzaku said, “what the association expects is school fees reduction and not increment because the rate of dropout is increasing.

“We frown against all forms of school fees increment because at a time like this when there is numerous hardship across the country.

“We find it hard to understand the increment because in spite of the removal of subsidy, diesel is what schools use mostly and the price of diesel has reduced, so we expect reduction in all ramification,” he said.

Anzaku recalled that when he was talking with the president, students union government, Bida Polytechnic last week, students in that school had not resumed due to hike in school fees.

He added that in spite of the fact that the rector reduced the school fees by N10,000, students were yet to resume.

He said that this led the leadership of the student body to write to the National Universities Commission (NUC), to prevail on tertiary institutions to reduce school fees.

He, however, commended the federal government for initiating the student loan law to ease education burden on students.

“We also kick against hike in school fees on account of the student loan Act because the Act is meant to assist students in getting proper education.

“We have written to NUC to call on schools to reduce school fees else we will protest in our large numbers.

“We are going on campus tour to talk to vice-chancellors, rectors and provosts to reduce school fees,” he added.

Earlier, Deniran Rioborue declared his seven-point manifesto titled “Renewed NANS23,” saying that his aspiration was to begin a new progressive chapter to uphold the core values upon which NANS was founded.

Rioborue pledged to provide necessary support to the Senate to review the NANS constitution to meet the modern-day reality.

According to him, the target of this agenda is to restructure NANS for efficient administration and effective operations, which will advance our course to build synergy among all arms of NANS.

“In the spirit of revival, restructuring, redirection and renewal of the struggle to reclaiming the position of NANS, I offer myself for the service of renewal of our dear association.

“My leadership shall introduce an expanded national executive council which shall comprise all national executive members.

“This will give room for direct interaction between NANS and all other students’ structures as well discourage one man show leadership style at all levels,” he said.

He said he would renew the image and integrity of NANS, ensure financial prudence and transparent leadership, which would attract 100 per cent compliance of all members’ unions to promptly pay their capitation dues.


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