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NANS denounces tuition fee hike, urges alternative sources of revenue

NANS president
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The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has strongly criticised the recent increase in tuition fees and urged university management to seek alternative revenue sources instead of burdening students and their families.

Akinteye Babatunde, the NANS vice-president for external affairs, issued a statement on July 25, 2023, warning any institution considering a tuition fee hike to reconsider their decision or face mass action from the student body.

The student body emphasised that the current economic challenges, including the removal of subsidies and the high cost of living, make it unjustifiable to impose additional financial burdens on students through tuition fee hikes.

Akinteye argued that “education is a fundamental right, and the government should take urgent measures to alleviate the situation in the education sector.”

He called on President Bola Tinubu’s administration to provide palliatives and declare a state of emergency in education.

The statement further highlighted the recent tuition fee increase at the University of Lagos and expressed strong opposition to such policies.

NANS declared that it would not hesitate to take drastic actions, including shutting down institutions, to protect students’ right to accessible education.

The student body appealed to the government and all stakeholders in the education sector to address the challenges and find lasting solutions to ensure that qualified students from all economic backgrounds can afford higher education.

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NANS demanded that the University of Lagos immediately reverse its tuition fee hike, threatening indefinite closure if their demands were not met.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Folasade Ogunsola, was given a 48-hour ultimatum to respond and address the issue promptly.

The statement concluded by underscoring the hardships faced by parents, particularly those from average and low-income families, due to the removal of subsidies and rising living costs. NANS reiterated its commitment to safeguarding students’ rights and vowed to take action to protect affordable education in Nigeria.

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