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NAS Renovates School for Deaf in Kaduna

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The National Association of Seadogs, NAS, has embarked on renovation and provision of infrastructure in the school for the deaf children in Kaduna State.

The association has also paid school fees totalling One Million, One Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand Naira (N1,154,000), for 83 students that were unable to afford the fees.

The Capoon of NAS, Pyrates Confraternity, Kaduna Chapter, Dr. Obinna Okpara disclosed this at the presentation of cheque to offset school fees for those unable to pay and the commissioning of the renovated class room blocks.

He said that the gesture was aimed at providing quality education to the less priviledged.

Dr. Okpara said it was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of NAS to its host community, adding that there are many other impactful projects embarked upon by the association for the people.

According to him, “Aurora Flotila Deck identified: a school for disabled, Demonstration School for the Deaf children in kawo community kaduna North and the following were discovered as their limitations.

“Crack class rooms; Poor power supply; Lack of funds in running the school based on children owing schools fees.

“With the goal of NAS in celebrating the 70th anniversary, we took up one of the SDG 4- Quality Education. We decided to renovate the blocks of classrooms, buy new sets of four solar batteries, 220 arms, and pay all outstanding fees owned by 83 students to ensure and enable the children get quality education.”

He further explained, “The School’s alternative power source (Solar system) was down, consequently, they pay as much as Sixty Thousand Naira (60k) monthly hence to give them relieve, we had to revive the solar system whose component part have all gone bad. We bought brand new batteries and wire of N1,065,000 (One. Million, Sixty Five Thousand Naira)

“Structural defaults in the nursery section, JSS, Library & laboratory blocks which poses as danger to innocent children should it collapse (For they are close to been collapsed) we equally intervened by renovating & painting all such blocks at the cost of Seven Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (N720K)

“The Deck also took care of school fees indebtedness which is about One Million, One Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand Naira (N1,154,000), for 83 students.”

The occasion was attended by the former deputy governor of kaduna State, Aishatu Pamela Sadauki, Mrs. Rosaline D. Ede. and Mrs. Josephine Mohammed, who are Board of Trustees, BoT members of the school as well as the Principal, Mrs Victoria Adesina.

It will be recalled that Aurora Flotilla Deck in line with NAS objectives of reaching out to provide services to its host communities, on 14th November, 2022 joined in the celebration of the world Diabetic Day at Kamazoo.

Services provided to Kamazoo community included free blood glucose testing, counseling and treatment of patients with diabetes.

Dr. Okpara said, “In total 132 community members benefited from our services.”


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