Nation Building: Professionals Advocate for Active Youth Engagement

Business Leaders Advocates Active Youth Engagement for Nation Building

Professionals and Business leaders in Nigeria have urged the government at all levels to promote the ideologies of nation building to young people by actively encouraging them from their formative years to realize their potentials for the good of the nation.

This was the consensus of speakers at the ‘Transforming Nigerian Youths Program’ organized by the Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan African University (PAU) in partnership with the Young Africa Works initiative of the MasterCard Foundation.

The virtual event held recently featured distinguished speakers including the Country Head, MasterCard Foundation Nigeria, Mrs. Chidinma Lawanson, Founder/CEO, Coscharis Group, Dr. Cosmas Maduka, and the Product Manager, Flutterwave, Mrs. Jolaade Ogunlana.

Speaking on the topic “Youth as Nation Builders – How to Get Started”, the Country Head, MasterCard Foundation Nigeria, Chidinma Lawanson acknowledged that the youth population holds the key to Nigeria’s development given the enormity of talents and opportunities they possess.

According to her, it has become imperative for government to create the much-needed environment that would enable the youth to unlock their potentials for the socio-economic growth of the country.

Lawanson noted that nation-building could be achieved by the young people when they are provided access to education and practical skills, access to opportunities and entrepreneurial skills and also support.

“Young Nigerians are very resilient and entrepreneurial. They are solely responsible for the explosive growth and visibility of the entertainment industry and the Fintech space. Hence, they are already contributing their own quota to nation-building despite the harsh business environment they find themselves in” she said.

The Country Head further noted that nation-building can only happen if the government creates an environment where youth with ideas are allowed to blossom and implement them to create jobs. Through this, the youth would be empowered to invest their income or earnings in small businesses that would generate taxes for the government in return. Thus, moving the country forward.

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