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Nigeria election: Optimism reigns among educators, students

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By Folaranmi Ajayi

Educators and students have expressed excitement as they cast votes across the nation despite the cash and transport challenges that greeted the process.

Both groups have expressed optimism and commended the process but some lamented that party members could have been more tolerant.

A former chief lecturer at the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Isamuko Babatunde acknowledged that the electoral process in Nigeria has improved from what was applicable years back.

The renowned media and communication gaffer said “the electoral process in Nigeria has improved, l have to acknowledge. We are not yet there, but with what l have seen , l think, things are getting better.”

This he disclosed on an online platform after casting his vote.

A renowned educator and the convener of wake up the giant literary competition, Stella Ebuetse also expressed excitement and optimism as a first-time voter.

“I am excited! There was no vehicle. We entered Okada, and we trekked. We voted—for the first time in my life. This vote will count. The old order must make room for the new. Once we choose the right person at the top, the narrative will change.”

A former students leader told Edugist correspondent that elections are not a do-or-die affair but some party men are intolerant of the news we are hearing from some part of the nation.

He mentioned that across the nation students and most especially young ones have changed their attitude towards political activities.

“Unlike before where you will see a large number of students and young ones being apolitical the game has changed and I for one am a perfect example,” He told Edugist.

Reacting to the process Ola a law student, pointed out that there is a new electoral wave and we can now see that when we say election this is what we mean and it is about participation.

“In all my 25 years on earth, this is the first election I will see students and young ones participating.”

Another educator and civil servant lamented how he almost got tired of the process because of the change in polling units.

“I would have cried o. I almost gave up. I nearly even had an accident trying to locate the place. It is sad. I went to their online platform and they gave me wrong information. Olorun lo ran mi lowo o. I have always voted with ease before. O ga gan fun Nigeria o.”


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