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Nigerian law student aims to set Guinness World Record for longest marathon watching films

With his eyes set on this achievement, Adebiyi’s journey promises to captivate audiences and create an exciting milestone for Ekiti State and Nigeria.
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In a feat of endurance and passion for cinema, Israel Adebiyi, an artiste and a 500-level Law student at Ekiti State University, is preparing to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Marathon Watching Film/Movies in a cinema.

This he made known via is Twitter handle where he shared the application and his plans.

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The ambitious event, aptly named the “Israelwatchathon,” is set to bring the community together in a celebration of film and human perseverance. Adebiyi plans to go beyond the current record of 120 hours and surpass all expectations by watching films continuously for an extended period.

Born out of Adebiyi’s love for both the arts and the study of law, this groundbreaking endeavor is a testament to his unwavering determination and passion for pushing boundaries. Combining his artistic talents with his academic pursuits, Adebiyi aims to showcase the convergence of diverse interests and the possibilities of achieving greatness across multiple fields.

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The record-breaking attempt is expected to draw attention not only from film enthusiasts but also from the wider public who appreciate the dedication and commitment required to undertake such a grueling challenge. By surpassing the existing record, Adebiyi hopes to bring pride and recognition to Ekiti State, as well as raise awareness about the thriving artistic and academic community in Nigeria.

Preparations are already underway, with Adebiyi assembling a dedicated team to ensure that all guidelines and requirements set by Guinness World Records are met throughout the marathon. From securing a suitable cinema venue to arranging for official witnesses and documenting the entire event meticulously, no detail is being overlooked in this historic undertaking.

The Israelwatchathon has generated significant buzz on social media, with supporters and well-wishers rallying behind Adebiyi and spreading the word about this extraordinary event. Local businesses and organizations have also shown support by providing sponsorship and other forms of assistance, reflecting the communal spirit that characterizes Ekiti State.

As the anticipation builds, the countdown to the Israelwatchathon continues. The event promises to be an exhilarating journey, showcasing the determination and resilience of a young artiste and scholar. Ekiti State and Nigeria brace up, as Israel Adebiyi sets his sights on etching his name in the annals of Guinness World Records and making history like never before.

Follow the #Ekiti #Israelwatchathon on social media to stay updated and be part of this record-breaking moment in Nigerian cinema history.

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