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Nigerian researchers unveil innovations to tackle hunger, poverty, others

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Some Nigerian researchers have achieved breakthroughs with development of four prototypes innovations to address the challenges of hunger, poverty, quality education, responsible consumption and production in the country.

According to a report, the prototypes were developed by lecturers from public higher institutions, under the Research for Impact (R4i), an initiative of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) in collaboration with Innov8 Hub.

The report unveiled that 18 participants were selected for the initiative. They were then divided into four teams that developed prototypes of their innovative solutions to challenges in Nigerian Society.

Team One, called ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ designed smart grain storage using an approach that prevents pest infestation of stored grains; keeping them safe for consumption while Team 2 called ‘No Poverty’ designed a Float House named “Gimbaliya,” constructed using low-density material that floats on water.

Team 3 ‘zero hunger’ developed an Automated Ultrasonic Solar-Powered Sprayer and broad-spectrum bio-pesticides for control of pests in an eco-friendly manner, anchored on SDG 2-Zero Hunger.

Team 4 ‘Quality Education,’ designed an innovation, ‘E-Access,’ a mobile application that caters for lecturers who develop lecture materials, and students in need of lecture materials.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the two-week training, the Executive Secretary of TETFund, Sonny Echono, encouraged the 18 participants to be change agents when they go back to their various institutions.

He urged them to make the right contribution and see that education become impactful, set personal goals and ignore the noise around them in order to excel in whatever they do.

The executive secretary further said Nigeria must move from the mindset that God will give them everything.

“The Research for Impact Initiative is logical response to our desire to solve societal problems, to address the challenges we currently face in our country in terms of generating revenue.

“Our country is going through very difficult times, we have one of the highest population growth rate in the world and there are projections that in a few years now we will actually become the third in the world in terms of population.

“While many see this as a blessing, some of us also know that if we do not prepare our population and give them the tools to survive and compete, we have a time bomb in our hands because our landmark is not going to increase, we are going to have challenges,” he said.

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