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OAU Security Department Assures Restoration of Water Supply to Hostels

By Ojo Precious, OAU

Hostels in the school premises have experienced little to no supply of water in the last few days. Thus, making it difficult for students to cook or wash. This has, however, caused a very big challenge for Students of OAU living in the school hostels.

In the last few days, students have had to go as far as Ladoke Akintola hostel from their hostels in order to get water. Similarly, some  students have gone to religious centers to get water.

In an update released by the Security Department on Friday, April 23, 2021, the Acting Chief Security Officer, B. Oyatokun, commended students for their patience and how they have handled the challenge thus far. He assured students of ongoing plans to salvage the situation.

“The Security Department wishes to inform the stakeholders of the University community that the supply of water will be restored any moment from now. Following an unavoidable shortage of supply due to events beyond our direct control, the shortage was caused by inability of the suppliers of Allum and Chlorine to keep their end of the bargain. Making it impossible for the University to supply water. As it will be unsafe to pump untreated water to any point on Campus.

”We have been aware of the development and have since taken the bulls by the horn to nib the bud and ensure restoration of water supply on campus. We’re encouraged by the patience and resilience exhibited by the stakeholders; students particularly in this respect and are assuring a swift rectification”. the update read.


OAU Campus Ambassador for Edugist, Precious Ojo is a campus reporter and a content writer with vast interest in article writing and social media management. An aspiring journalist, she is passionate about service to humanity.

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