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‘One-Day Principal’: JSS2 Student Emerges Winner

‘One-Day Principal’: JSS2 Student Emerges Winner

A Junior Secondary School (JSS) 2 student of Bishop Howells Memorial Grammar school, Bariga, Omoobajesu Iroyinayo Idris, on Monday, was declared one-day principal of the school for the 2020/2021 academic session.

The annual event fashioned to encourage and reawaken the academic excellence of students commended the unprecedented academic feats recorded by Omoobajesu Idris.

In his address, the school principal, Ven. Tunde Oduwole said, “Today is a significant day in the school. The tradition of being a one day principal is one that has been on for years. Transiting from JSS1 to JSS 2, the student was judged based on academics, spirituality, and morality. She was also adjudged the overall best student in JSS1 class.”

Oduwole further said that Idris’s emergence is a testament to the school’s respect for girl child education. “As a Christian institution of the Anglican extraction, we are deeply committed to the fact that any student that leaves the school will be the best in all aspect of life. She satisfied the entire grading..

“So much attention is paid to the girl child; we always celebrate the girl child day as a school. It underscores what women can contribute to the society. Idris is another potential Cleopatra, Madam Tinubu in the making.” He said.

Presenting a plaque of recognition to the awardee, the school PTA chairman, Mr. Eyo Ekpo, congratulated Idris and her parents. He said, “You’ve made your parents proud”.

Addressing her fellow students, Idris, buttressed the need for hard work and fear of God in achieving individual goals. She encouraged them to work hard, study harder to achieve academic excellence, be punctual and prayerful.

Idris, who hopes to become a surgeon in future, called on the government to provide more schools so as to help the students achieve their goals and talents.

On the other hand, the proud parents, Mr. Idris Abidemi and Mrs. Eniola Idris expressed their joy, as their daughter recorded a feat, emerging as the fifth student to occupy the school’s principal office.

The parents recognised God as her help. Her father said, “Her elder brother encouraged Omoobajesu to read more. She is very brilliant; she has this special kind of a photo-magnetic brain”.

Idris drove the school principal’s car, performed some other official duties including inspecting classes, meeting staffs, interacting with students, others.

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