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Osun education commissioner criticises Aregbesola’s mega schools

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Osun State Education Commissioner, Dipo Eluwole, has criticised the mega schools constructed during the tenure of former Governor of the state Rauf Aregbesola.

This he disclosed during a press briefing held at the State Ministry of Education complex on Friday.

Eluwole noted that these large-scale educational facilities have begun to deteriorate due to the absence of a practical maintenance strategy in place to uphold their integrity.

He these imposing educational institutions lack meaningful functionality due to inadequate attention.

Elaborating on the matter, Eluwole noted that during his time as a legislator, he had cautioned the then-governor about the substantial infrastructural demands of the mega schools, only to be disregarded.

He observed that the present administration is committed to evaluating the most effective means of repurposing these structures following the forthcoming education summit.

Commenting on the situation, Eluwole remarked, “Many of the schools established during Oyinlola’s tenure have suffered damage. The once imposing mega schools are now languishing in disuse. By the grace of God, we intend to convene and address the state of these deteriorating structures and take appropriate action.”

The commissioner criticised the approach of the Aregbesola regime, citing a lack of consideration for the post-construction maintenance of the infrastructure. He highlighted that the contractors involved had already received their compensation, leaving the critical matter of sustained upkeep unresolved.

“We are tasked with finding solutions to make prudent utilization of these structures,” he emphasised.

In his remarks, Oyesoji Aremu, Chairman of the summit, outlined the intentions behind the upcoming educational gathering.

He emphasised the objective of bringing together diverse stakeholders, including political figures, to lend significant political support to the summit’s conclusions.

“The summit will accommodate discussions in both English and Yoruba, facilitating participation from all segments of society, including religious leaders, traditionalists, politicians, students, and educators. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure the effective implementation of the summit’s outcomes,” Aremu affirmed.

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