Osun State Prince, Oyewale Dhikrullah, Rolls out Plans to Revitalize Education in Ikirun

By Adeyemi Adeleke

Nelson Mandela once postulated that education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.

The relevance of education to every society cannot be over emphasised. Though there is a popular belief that money makes world go around, without education, the world would only be going round aimlessly.

Founder of Rural Education, Girls Education, and Education for all Campaigns, Prince Dhikrullah Oyewale Lawal, is an international educator who understands the concepts, the practices and relevance of education in a society.

Prince Oyewale also believes that education does not only conquer poverty, illiteracy, social injustice, insecurity, it also ensures rapid developments in Africa.

As a royal grandson of Magaji, Oyewale was once invited by the Dynasty to contest the vacant Akinrun stool in his native community, Ikirun. However, the 35-year-old prince declined the invitation. As a consultant with Yasar University, Izmir in Turkey, he rather insisted on promoting education across the globe.

“Spreading and preaching the relevance of education is more important to me than being held down,” Prince Oyewale, PhD, said.

The unwavering persistence of his family later made him succumb and accept the challenge. He believes he can as well leverage the position to promote education in his native community.

As a passionate educator, he visited one of the oldest schools in the town. He felt dejected with students’ nonchalant attitude towards education, and he promised to revitalize the school.

Prince Oyewale of Obaara Ruling House therefore donated notebooks to some schools. He noticed that some students had lost focus on education because they did not have writing materials.

He therefore reiterated his commitment to changing the situation, to ensuring periodical distribution of free notebooks to students, as well as equipping schools libraries with sufficient relevant textbooks.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists…when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say: We did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu.

Also, part of his plan is provision of scholarships to best performing indigenous students, especially those who aspire to further their studies outside Nigeria.

Besides, he aspires to build modern, digital libraries in the town. He also plans to adequately equip the ICT centres with fast Internet service in schools.

Oyewale believes the project will change the face of education and motivate students to learn, conduct research as well as serve as a free CBT center for indigenous JAMB candidates.

“Ikirun Town is a District Headquarter of Osun Central. It ought to be the pacesetter, home of giant strides in terms of developments socially, economically, industrially and physical infrastructures,” Prince Oyewale said.

Oyewale postulates that it’s never late to reposition the town and return it to where it deserves.

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