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Our 2020 Story: Edu360 Degrees of Impact

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2020 has been one for the books.

Like many others, we were forced to pivot, and pivot quickly. As the pandemic hit, we reimagined what our year should look like and began to move from normal, to new normal, to better normal. The goal was clear – ramp up impact across the ecosystem despite the limitations, and ensure our community of educators, students, parents and other stakeholders was prepared for learning in and through the rapidly evolving realities.

Surprisingly, we have had one of our best years yet, going by the sheer impact we’ve made.

Here are the highlights of our year:

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In May, we kick started enga ith a webinar for parents designed to ensure they were emotionally in tune with their kids who suddenly had to spend more time at home.

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May 27, 2020 was Children’s Day and we hosted young people from all over Nigeria at a virtual book-reading event on the importance of maintaining proper hygiene.

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In June, we held our first virtual conference, which brought together stakeholders across the education ecosystem to discuss the different ways we can advance education in the new normal.

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At the core of the work we do at edu360 is teacher training and development. We recognise the impact teachers make and ensure we are contributing to equip them with the right knowledge and tools. Continuing from the over 1100 teachers trained in 2018 and 2019, this year, we trained 324 teachers through our virtual programs.

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Following a campaign that began in August 2020, edu360, in partnership with Awarri, an Artificial Intelligence company, trained 25 kids during a six-week Robotics program. In the next phase, which has already begun, edu360 is partnering with several schools to include Robotics in their curriculums. Tutors from these schools will receive Robotics training for free.

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In August, in partnership with Cece Yara Foundation, Edu360 delivered an awareness campaign to sensitise the public on the dangers of child abuse.

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In the months of September and October, we held two webinars for parents, teachers and guardians on Internet Safety for kids and Navigating School Re-entry

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Also, look out for the Mobo Game Jam.

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