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Palliatives: Zulum gifts Borno corps members N36m, 100 bags of rice

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Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, on Saturday, announced the allocation of N36.4 million for distribution of N30,000 each as palliatives to 1,215 corps members posted to Borno State by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The governor visited the NYSC orientation camp at the weekend just days after he attended the swearing-in of ‘corpers’ at the camp’s reopening in Maiduguri.

Zulum also allocated 100 bags of rice, 10 cows, 10 bags of 100 kg of beans, and 10 gallons of cooking oil for special meal to be prepared for the corps members during their ongoing three weeks orientation camping.

“We want to extend palliatives to members of the National Youth Service Corps. Each one of you will receive the sum of N30,000, that amount will be credited to your accounts as soon as your bank details are provided to me”, Zulum said.

He added, “In addition to that, we have provided you with 100 bags of rice, 10 bags of 100kg beans, 10 gallons of cooking oil and 10 bulls.”

The governor charged the corp members to adhere to camp rules by living peacefully among themselves and engaging in acts that will foster peace in the country.

“I want you to be dedicated and loyal to constituted authorities. Make friends in this part of the country so that together we can build a prosperous Nigeria with sustainable economic growth and development”, Governor Zulum urged.

The governor expressed gratitude to the Federal Government for improving the security situation in Borno State which enabled the return of NYSC orientation camp in Maiduguri.

For years, the FG suspended the hosting of NYSC orientation camp in Maiduguri due to activities of insurgents. Batches of corps members to Borno State were hosted in Bauchi and Katsina States for their three weeks orientation camping activities after which they were sent to Borno State for primary assignments.

Last week, the FG resumed NYSC’s weeks of orientation camping in Maiduguri.

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