Plateau Govt Uncovers 5000 Illegal Private Schools, Withdraws Licences

Plateau Commissioner for Secondary Education, Elizabeth Wapmuk, says the goverment has withdrawn the licences of all private primary and secondary schools in the state.

Ms Wapmuk disclosed this on Friday August 5, 2022, in Jos.

She stated that the decision was taken after discovering that 5,000 private schools were operating illegally.

The commissioner noted that about 90 per cent of the schools did not adhere to government policies and mandates on education.

The government said it planned to revalidate the operating licence of all private nurseries, pre-primary, primary, junior secondary and senior secondary schools in Plateau.

”We have discovered that 90 per cent of private schools in Plateau do not adhere to government policies and mandates. Eighty-five per cent of the 495 private schools earlier granted licences have compromised,” she said.

The commissioner explained that the exercise was to check the proliferation of illegal private schools operating in the state and added that the government would support schools operating within the ambit of the law to achieve quality education for all.


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