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Resilience in the Business World

By Abdulafeez Olaitan, UNILAG

Productivity rests on the shoulders of resilience. Resilience simply is the ability to bounce back from the stresses of life. Oftentimes, it is not about avoiding the stress, but learning to thrive within the stress.


An ethical responsibility of all business owners is resilience. One of the most important strategy to advance a business is the quality of adaptation in light of a crisis or failure. A business system that will last long should have a positive capacity to return to equilibrium after a setback.


There is a need for a resilience strategy since setbacks can be caused by different levels of disruption, including natural disasters and man-made disasters, or even electronic data loss.


As such, business owners should understand that the road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress.


Just like building a muscle, increasing resilience takes time and intentionality but focusing on the following core strategies can empower you to learn from difficult and traumatic experiences:


Build Connections

A business owner prioritizes friendships and relationships. Having a quality network can remind you that you’re not alone amidst of difficulties. Focus on finding trustworthy and compassionate individuals who validate your feelings. This will support the skill of resilience. Do not self-isolate.


Embrace Healthy Thoughts

Maintain a hopeful outlook by embracing healthy thoughts. Learn from the past and accept that, sometimes, things have to change. It is often challenging to be positive when life isn’t going your way but also remember that pessimism is a morass. Expect that good things will happen to you, and they will.


Anticipate Complications

Accept that you cannot always manage any unfamiliar circumstances. Thus, there is utmost need to create challenging scenarios for yourself and probably your team. This way, the entire organization is constantly practicing and improving its adaptability. Most of all, resilience is not just about enduring, rather, it is keeping right attitude during the enduring period.



Abdulafeez Olaitan is the Campus Ambassador for Unilag. He is a writer who served as a delegate of Austria in ECOSOC committee at the 2020 IBMUN conference. Olaitan enjoys collecting quotations and astrophotos.

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