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SAIL graduates 1000 Teachers, Partners Cc-HUB to train youths in Lagos

The Lagos East Teachers Fellowship has graduated over 1000 teachers from public and private schools in the Lagos East Senatorial District.
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Senator Abiru Innovation Lab (SAIL) has graduated over 1000 teachers from
public and private schools in the Lagos East Senatorial District who participated in the the Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship.

These teachers completed a three-month training program. The Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship is one of the leading cutting-edge programmes at SAIL.

The SAIL which is a first-of-its-kind Community Innovation Space set up on partnership with renowned technology and Social Enterprise company, The Co-creation Hub (Cc-HUB) to train youths in the Lagos East senatorial district on relevant digital and innovation skills, and build the best entrepreneurs that can compete in the ever-dynamic global economy.

FB IMG 1680466164788
Teachers at the training.

Making the news, a total of 1,500 teachers applied for the program, 950 enrolled in the online class for 30 days, 120 participated in the physical class, and 105 graduated.

In his opening remarks, the SAIL Project consultant, Deji Abisola, said that “The Lagos East Teachers Fellowship has provided an invaluable platform for educators to learn, grow, and develop their skills.

The training program equipped teachers with inquiry-based teaching methods and technology integration in classrooms to improve the learning experience for students.

Senator Abiru, who was represented by his Special Adviser on Constituency Matters, Dr(Otunba) Saheed Oladapo Ibikunle, congratulated the teachers on the successful completion of their training. He admonished them to impact their students with the skills they have acquired.

Dr Ibikunle, who is a seasoned educational administrator, charged the teachers to explore various teaching methods in improving learning outcomes in their students.

He declared that what a student does not know is what he has not been taught. He concluded by tasking the teachers to adopt continuous capacity development as a lifestyle.

The SAIL community innovation space partnered with The Co-creation Hub (Cc-HUB) to provide relevant digital and innovation skills training to youths in the district.

The Ikorodu Teachers Lounge, a virtual community that aims to deepen knowledge sharing and interactions among teachers who passed through SAIL, was also launched during the graduation ceremony.

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