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“Staff members are serving as bandit informants” — VC alleges

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The Vice-Chancellor of Federal University Dutsinma in Katsina State, Prof. Armaya’u Bichi, has alleged that some of the staff of the institution are acting as informants for bandits.

This startling claim was made public during a press briefing in Katsina on Tuesday, throwing a spotlight on the escalating insecurity that has plagued the region.

Bichi disclosed that contacts of the suspected informants have already been handed over to a security agency for further investigation.

Despite this, the VC lamented the lack of feedback from the security agencies, sparking concerns over the effectiveness of the current security measures.

It was reported that the Federal University Dutsinma has been a repeated target for bandit attacks, leading to the kidnapping of students, staff, and their family members.

The situation reached a tragic zenith with the recent death of a university staff member, an incident that catalyzed a peaceful protest by his colleagues, demanding enhanced security.

“The issue of informants within our ranks is deeply troubling,” Prof. Bichi stated. “We have identified individuals we suspect of leaking information about their colleagues and students to bandits. These suspects are our own staff members, and we have substantial reasons to believe they are complicit.”

He further emphasised the gravity of the situation, urging for thorough investigations to prevent future occurrences.

“We have handed over their contacts to one of the security agencies, but thus far, we have not received any updates,” he added, underscoring the urgency for accountability and swift action.

In response to these allegations, the Police Command in Katsina State, through its spokesperson ASP Abubakar Sadiq-Aliyu, claimed unawareness of the issue but assured that they would delve into the matter.

He appealed to the public to provide any information that could help mitigate the ongoing security challenges.

This revelation comes amidst growing concerns over the safety of educational institutions in northern Nigeria, where banditry has become a rampant menace.

The VC’s disclosure highlights a dire need for comprehensive security reforms to safeguard the lives and well-being of both staff and students.

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