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SUG disowns FUOYE student accused of sodomising colleague

The FUOYE SUG, in a statement, said, “ Disclaimer. This is to inform the general public that Oni Olalekan, popularly known as (Asiwaju), is not a member of the Students’ Union Government, nor is he an appointee of the Students’ Union Government.
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The Student Union Government of the Federal University, Oye Ekiti, has distanced itself from the student of the university, Oni Olalekan, identified as Asiwaju, who was accused of sodomising another student of the institution, clarifying that he is not a member or affiliate of their organisation. Asiwaju has however denied the accusation.

The FUOYE SUG, in a statement, said, “ Disclaimer. This is to inform the general public that Oni Olalekan, popularly known as (Asiwaju), is not a member of the Students’ Union Government, nor is he an appointee of the Students’ Union Government.

“Any claims or assumptions to the contrary are incorrect. Please take note and disregard any misinformation.

“Please be assured that the FUOYESUG is actively addressing this matter and will take all necessary actions to ensure that justice is served. Thank you.”

Also, the National Association of Ondo State Students in a statement said, “We want to clarify that the individual Oni Olalekan popularly known as Asiwaju accused of sexual assault and who has publicly denounced our association on Monday June 10, 2024, is not a member, an executive or appointee of our association.

“We will like to clarify that this individual is not a member of our association nor has any affiliation with us. It is important to ensure that this distinction is clear to the general public and that any misinformation is addressed promptly.

“We take these matters very seriously and stand for a safe and inclusive environment for all our members. If you have any concerns or information that you think we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to reach out to the association board.”

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Sunday Abutu, disclosed the denial of the student in a telephone conversation on Tuesday.

A viral video of the incident obtained by our correspondent showed a crowd dragging a young man while voices in the background were alleging that the student had allegedly sodomised another student.

A police officer was also sighted holding the young man in what appeared like an attempt to drag him away from the angry crowd.

A voice in the background had said in the video that the student who was identified as Asiwaju be lynched while some said that he shouldn’t have been handed over to the police.

Giving an update on the incident, Abutu told our correspondent on Tuesday that the command had arrested the suspect following a complaint received about the alleged act of sodomisation of another student.

He disclosed further that upon interrogation, the suspect denied perpetrating such an act and had been subjected to further investigation.

Abutu said, “The suspect is in custody. Though he denied the accusation, the complainant insisted he carried out the act.

“He is still in custody, and we are investigating further to get to the root of the matter.”

It was reported on January 7 that the Abia State Police Command arrested a radio presenter for allegedly sodomising a teenage boy in the Obingwa area of the state.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Maureen Chinaka, said that the command received a report on January 1, 2024, of an alleged incident of unlawful carnal knowledge of a 15-year-old boy by the suspect it identified as Chigozie.

However, sources said the 37-year-old resident in the Eastern Ngwa division was not an employee of any radio station but operated as a freelance journalist in radio stations within Aba.

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