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TETFund donates textbooks to colleges of education

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TETFund has donated not less than 2253 textbooks to public federal and state colleges of education in the country.

The books were written by scholars of the Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE)

According to a report, the textbooks were made up of 12 titles and we’re sponsored by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund).

At the book distribution during the 25th Conference of the Nigerian Academy of Education in Abuja, the executive secretary of TETFund, Sonny Echono, reiterated the commitment of TETFund to continue to support the production of vital textbooks for use in public tertiary institutions.

Echono said TETFund would sustain the partnership with the Nigerian Academy of Education, which he described as the mother of all academics in the country whose members have been at the forefront of pursuing the dissemination and spread of knowledge and development of skills in children.

The TETFund boss noted that books are an important asset for a country’s growth and a catalyst for mental growth and social integration.

The executive secretary of the National Commission for Colleges of Education, Professor Paulinus Okwelle, while appreciating TETFund for the books called for the inclusion of private colleges of education as beneficiaries to improve their libraries.

The chairman, Committee of Provost Colleges of Education Professor Farouk Haruna urged TETFund to sustain the efforts of supporting local production of text books by Nigerians scholars, saying that “books are at the heart of colleges of education.”

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The president of the Nigerian Academy of Education, Professor Kabiru Isyaku said the academy “serves as a forum for Nigerian educationists at the highest level, whose opinion on education commands professional authority and respect.

He explained that the academy is striving to improve the quality of education throughout the country by taking the initiative to express views on plans, programmes, policy and practice in education.

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