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TRCN Debunks Alleged Diversion of Fund, Says It is Sheer Blackmail

TRCN Debunks Alleged Diversion of Fund, Says It is Sheer Blackmail!

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, TRCN, has debunked a report on purported diversion of the fund in the agency published by Aljazirah Newspaper Nigeria.

It said the report is a baseless and calculated attempt by authors of the story to blackmail the Council.

According to a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja on Monday and endorsed by Head of Media, TRCN, Oduh Anthony, all projects carried out in TRCN are properly budgeted for and executed to the latter.

The statement stated that TRCN’s Registrar, Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, has not only entrenched transparency in the running of the Council’s affairs but has also introduced various reforms and programmes that have received applause from far and near.

“The attention of the TRCN Registrar/CE has just been drawn to a news item flagged by the Aljazirah Newspaper Nigeria titled “Scandal as Fund Diverted at Teachers Council”.

“This subtle blackmail by the authors of the story will not fly as the allegations are completely baseless, untrue and a wicked attempt to destroy the excellent job being done by Prof Ajiboye since assumption of office on 2nd August 2016.

“The allegations of diversion of funds are imaginary and a figment of the imagination of the writers. All projects carried out in TRCN are properly budgeted for and executed to the letters,” the statement read.

“In the first instance, TRCN does not collect cash in all its operations. All payments to TRCN are done through government-approved REMITA platform. Consequently, no officer of TRCN deals with cash. Furthermore, all payments to individuals, contractors and government (CRF) are done through appropriate payment platforms of either GIFMIS or REMITA hence no loopholes for diversion of any fund.

“To say that Prof Ajiboye records at TRCN speak volumes. First, he introduced the unique Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) to TRCN which aims at regulating entering into the profession.

“The PQE has now become a permanent program on TRCN Calendar with several Tertiary Institutions (Federal, State and Private) now running the examination. Not only that, Nigerians in the diaspora now enjoy the same examination from any country of their domicile.

“The introduction of the New Career Path for the teaching profession in Nigeria is unparalleled in Africa. This makes Nigeria the first country to have a separate career path for teacher professionalism and growth. Needless to add that this new Career path is what the Federal Government is adopting for new welfare scheme for Nigeria teachers.

“On assumption of office in TRCN Prof Ajiboye met a new emerging building at the TRCN Headquarters at the DPC level. To the glory of God and conscientiousness of the helmsman, that building was successfully completed and personally inaugurated on the 25th of August 2020 by the Hon. Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu. Another testimonial to the forthrightness of Prof Ajiboye.

“Achievements of Prof Ajiboye in TRCN are numerous. They also include the introduction of Teacher Information System and Interactive Platform to provide registered teachers with a forum for the exchange of ideas and professional development. Suffice it to add that the introduction of Digital Literacy Training for Nigerian teachers by TRCN under the able leadership of Ajiboye has really helped to boost the pedagogical skills on the use of digital technology by Nigeria teachers.

“Consequently any attempt to rubbish or disparage the achievements of TRCN under Ajiboye is a move in the wrong direction to discourage an astute academic like him,” the statement concluded.

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