U.S Pledges to Boost Cultural Preservation, Promote Learning among Nigerian Students

The United States government has pledged to support initiatives that promote learning and provide students with opportunity to share ideas in an engaging environment and promote cultural preservation efforts.

Acting U.S. Consul General, James Suor, said modern educational space would stimulate curiosity in the minds of children, support learning, facilitate reflection and promote common ideals between United States and Nigeria.

He added that the space would also promote shared values of democracy and encourage robust people-to-people ties.

Suor and Director-General of National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Prof. Abba Tijani, launched the U.S. public diplomacy engagement space at the National Museum, Lagos and were joined by Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Dr. Aina Ayoola.

The consul general described the opening as another innovative project of the U.S government in Nigeria that would facilitate learning in an engaging environment for students.

He said the U.S. funded programmes would be of immense benefits to Nigerians and also become catalysts for professional alumni networks that help address global challenges.

“Since inception of ambassadors fund for cultural preservation programme, Nigeria has received 10 grants worth $1m, with projects spread across the country, and these preservation projects benefit both future generations and growth of the tourism industry,” he said.

Sour noted that the recent upgrade of old residency museum archive in Calabar, with digital conferencing facilities, open space for educational events and newly opened learning space at National Museum in Lagos, are important additions to ongoing efforts of U.S. Government to support Nigerian museums and preservation of cultural heritage.

He also praised Pearl Recycling, a non-profit waste-recycling organisation founded by Olamide Ayeni-Babajide, an alumni of U.S. government-sponsored TechWomen programme, for working with the consulate to create innovative space.

Prof. Tijani applauded the U.S government’s commitment to empowering young people through innovative learning spaces and preserving Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

Ayoola also commended United States for partnering Nigeria in providing opportunities for children to explore their environment as part of an holistic educational experience.

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