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UDUS releases guidelines for 2023 SU elections

Dissolution of former executives will commence from 22nd to 23rd of May, 2023.
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The management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto has released guidelines for the conduct of the Students’ Union Elections for the 2022/2023 academic session.

According to a circular released on Monday, 22nd May and signed by the Chairman Students Electoral Committee (SU ELCOM), Bashir Muhammad Achida, dissolution of former executives will commence from 22nd to 23rd of May, 2023.

“Sequel to the second meeting of Students Unions Electoral Committee (ELCOM) held on 22nd May, 2023, I wish to announce that the activities to conduct elections for all registered
Associations, Societies and Clubs in the University are scheduled to commence as follows,” the circular reads.

“Dissolution of former EXCOS from 22 to 23 May, 2023, sales of nomination forms from 23 to 30 May, 2023; screening of contestants from 31 May to 2 June, 2023, election of eligible candidates on 3 June, 2023 and swearing New EXCOS on 5 June, 2023.”


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Meanwhile, the circular also noted that any registered association, society or club that failed to comply with the stipulated guidelines would be banned till further notice.

“All Registered Associations, Societies and Clubs that refused to hold elections within the stipulated time shall be banned until further notice.”

“Accordingly, Secretaries of the Registered Associations, Societies and Clubs must submit their files to the Secretary of the Student Union 2022/2023 ELCOM Comrade Tambari Ismaila Waziri; the Chairman to oversee the smooth running of the elections of all the Registered Association, Societies and Clubs in accordance with guidelines stipulated in the Revised Students Handbook of the University,” the circular added.

By: Shereefdeen Ahmad

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