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UNICEF appoints Nigerian celebrities as champions for children

Cobhams, WAJE, Kate Henshaw, and Ali Nuhu have been named UNICEF Champions for a duration of 12 months.
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In a significant move towards championing the rights and well-being of children, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has appointed four influential figures from Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Cobhams, WAJE, Kate Henshaw, and Ali Nuhu have been named UNICEF Champions for a duration of 12 months.

Cristian Munduate, the UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, expressed the importance of this collaboration, emphasizing that it signifies a bridge between the commitment to child rights and the transformative power of art and storytelling. Over the next year, these UNICEF Champions will collaborate with the organization to raise awareness and address critical issues affecting children. These concerns span various sectors, including health, education, nutrition, child protection, water sanitation, and hygiene.

Munduate stated, “We are truly elated to join hands with such influential voices in the entertainment industry: Cobhams, WAJE, Kate Henshaw, and Ali Nuhu. Their dedication and passion for children’s rights will undeniably amplify the urgency of the issues we fight for daily.”

She further highlighted the role of art and storytelling in this endeavor, noting, “Through music, film, and public engagement, we hope to touch hearts, shift perspectives, and inspire action.” The UNICEF Champions will engage in various initiatives and campaigns designed to ensure that every child’s right to survival, growth, development, and protection is upheld and championed.

Kate Henshaw, one of the newly appointed UNICEF Champions, emphasised the need for Nigeria to be more intentional about child education, nutrition, health, and the overall environment in which children are raised. She stated, “If you don’t take care of children, they’ll be wiped out, and there will be nobody left. And children are so vulnerable, especially in Nigeria. They need special care.”

Ali Nuhu pledged to communicate the message in local languages in northern Nigeria for better outreach and understanding. Cobhams, another UNICEF Children Ambassador, stressed the importance of using music as a tool to address the challenges facing children, as it can influence future generations and help reduce endemic flaws in the country.

WAJE, who has been actively involved in tackling issues concerning children, reiterated the critical need to pay more attention to children’s well-being. This collaborative effort between UNICEF and these influential figures in Nigeria’s entertainment industry holds promise in advancing the rights and welfare of children across the nation.

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