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UNILAG implements demurrage payment for uncollected certificates

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The University of Lagos (UNILAG) Akoka has recently announced the introduction of demurrage payments for individuals who have not collected their certificates.

This information was disclosed in the university’s latest bulletin, released by Adejoke Alaga-Ibraheem, the spokesperson, on Tuesday.

According to the bulletin, charges for certificate re-issuance have been raised, with the specific amount depending on the reason for re-issuance.

The University has emphasised that graduates who fail to collect their certificates within one year after convocation will be required to pay a demurrage fee of N10,000. Furthermore, an additional fee of N5,000 will be imposed for each subsequent year until the charges are reviewed.

The bulletin stated, “Affected graduates will also need to pay all the applicable charges for convocation and certificate collection in the year of convocation, in addition to the demurrage fee.”

For applicants seeking the re-issuance of burnt or damaged certificates, the cost has been increased to N50,000, compared to the previous charge of N10,000.

In cases where errors on the certificates are attributed to the students, a fee of N35,000 will be charged for re-issuance. However, if the errors are attributed to the school and the certificates are returned before changes in signatories, there will be no cost to the owners. Otherwise, the same N35,000 fee will apply.

The bulletin also mentioned that processing transcripts online will now incur a fee of N25,000.

The university has attributed the introduction of these new charges, effective May 31, 2023, to the rising inflation rate in the country. It further stated that the charges would be reviewed again after a period of five years.

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